Rock Climbing School

Outdoor Rock climbing instruction from certified AMGA Instructors 



Quality education close to home with certified instructors. Our rock climbing courses take place at a number of locations around Los Angeles. With a focus on outdoor applications, our programs build real applicable skills. 

 The Foundations

This is where you should start. Get out climbing right away and start applying fundamental skills. At the end of the day you will have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in order to support your growth in climbing.

Prerequisite: None 

Foundations of rock climbing


  • Knots for rope and webbing
  • Belaying - atc & grigri
  • Lead belaying
  • Rappelling and backing it up
  • Movement over rock
  • Climbing equipment
  • Anchor system principles
  • Guide books, climbing ‘topos’ and ratings 
  • Rope educate and coiling
  • Leave no trace

Top Roping

 You will lean how to create simple anchors for any terrain. After a review of your skills, you will begin learning the essentials to climbing independently. Students will walk away fully understanding rock climbing guide books, and will become proficient in creating four types of anchor systems. Students will also lean how to use auto locking belay devices like the Gri-Gri to facilitate safe access to your systems. If you have climbed before, are ready to climb outside via Top Rope, and are looking to make the transition safely, then this class is for you.

Prerequisite: Foundations. Students with ample experience may waive the prerequisite.

Top Roping Los Angeles


  • Guide books
  • Climbing ‘topos’ and ratings
  • Rappelling and backing it up
  • Simple anchors for any terrain
  • Knots & hitches for rope and webbing
  • Evaluating bolts & natural protection
  • Reducing
  • Edict
  • Leave no trace 


Sport Climbing

After a review of your skills, your instructor will walk you through the steps to begin learning how to lead climb sport routes. While protected by a top rope, students will learn proper carabiner clip-ins, alignment, Transitions and rope management while simulating climbing on lead. Students will also practice lead belaying with standard tube and automatically locking belay devices. If you are looking to make the transition from sport climbing in the Rock Gym to climbing outside then this class is for you.

Prerequisite: Foundations. Students with ample experience may waive the prerequisite.

Sport Climbing Los Angeles


  • Lead belaying atc/grigri
  • Rappelling and backing it up
  • Knots & hitches 
  • Evaluating bolts 
  • Guide books, climbing ‘topos’ and ratings 
  • Stance & clip-ins 
  • Falling
  • Transitions       
  • Leave no trace


Two-Day Anchor Clinic 

Natural protection, confident placements and simple anchors for any terrain. The Anchor Clinic was developed for the regular sport climber who is looking to make the transition to traditional climbing. You will practice placing active and passive protection with close supervision by an American Mountain Guide certified instructor. Your guide will give you hands-on coaching while you learn the subtleties of properly placing protection. Students will leave this course with confidence that they have the knowledge to create solid anchors, the foundation to build on their skills, and to begin to make the transition to Traditional Lead Climbing.The 2-Day Anchor Clinic covers Module One and Two.

Trad Climbing Los Angeles

Prerequisite: Top-Toping
Students with ample experience may waive the prerequisite 


Module One

  • Advanced knots and hitches
  • Active, passive and natural protection
  • Simple anchors for any terrain 
  • Master-points & putting it all together
  • 3:1 pulley systems

Module Two

  • Racking
  • Using runners
  • Placements on lead 
  • Cleaning protection 
  • Rope management
  • The revolving door   
  • Belaying from the top

Traditional Lead Climbing

Technique, systems, and guides tricks. You will focus on demonstrating skills learned and simulating an actual day leading with active and passive protection. Students are expected to leave with confidence in their own knowledge and skills. This will result in having a solid foundation to begin the transition to traditional climbing safely

Prerequisite: 2-Day Anchor Clinic
Students with ample experience may waive the prerequisite 

Lead climbing los angeles


  • Preparation 
  • The second 
  • The third
  • Racking your equipment
  • Clip-ins and alignment
  • Rope drag 
  • Rope management 
  • Simple rescue techniques 
  • Risk management 
  • Decent options